Impossible Possibilities – From Yoga To Life


As I have been practicing yoga for many years I am able to do things with my body that would have never seemed possible in the past.  People often look at flexible people and think that they are born that way and sometimes they are. If you practice yoga regularly, changes inevitably occur.  It is the inner change that is important not the result.


Some degree of flexibility is healthy and enables us to move our joints  freely without pain.  So to some extent flexibility is functional.  However many yoga poses go beyond this functional range of motion.  Yet I find people wish they could do such and such a pose and I myself have been susceptible to the allure of a challenging asana myself.  But when you can do crazy stuff with your body it doesn’t make you any happier, more spiritually progressed or whatever.  It just means you can put your leg behind your head now, it isn’t really important but the journey is.


There are many things that I used to think were impossible both on and off the mat.  My yoga practice allows me to attempt the impossible every day and over time see it change. The pace of modern life is fast and yoga has taught me the patience necessary to work at things which seemed impossible to me.  The greatest result isn’t my outer physical flexibility but my flexibility in life to see past any limitations I may have otherwise placed on myself.   Many if not most impossible things are possible with work, this is one of the wonderful things I take from yoga to life.

What has yoga taught you that you are able to bring to your life?


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Helen Aldred practices and teaches ashtanga yoga in Liverpool. She loves to share and discuss yoga, as well as health and wellbeing. Follow her on twitter and join Ashtanga yoga Liverpool's Facebook community .


  1. Over the years yoga has given me so much more confidence in my own abilities. I find myself much more willing to just ‘give somethin a go’ rather than buckle under the fear of failure. In doing so I have progressed my life in ways that I hadn’t expected and discovered the depths of my inner resilience. I suspect that the course of my life would be very different now if it weren’t for the lessons learnt on my mat!!

  2. I love your blogs! Having been inspired recently by Rolf and Marci, and i’ve been dedicating more time to my practice, whether it be ashtanga or yin. Over the years, well it’s made me calm and less competitive with myself and others….and that gives my mind a lot more peace!!

    • Hi Emma, Great to hear from you. I like what you say about how being less competitive with yourself and others give your mind more peace. Would love to hear about your experiences with Rolf and Marci in Goa. Maybe you would consider a guest post. We should catch up in London soon! I will be in touch.

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