A poem about Yoga – Surrendering to Yoga by Helen Aldred

Helen's creative journalWhen I was younger I used to write a lot. As soon as I learnt to write I would love to write creative stories then later as a teenager, poetry.  It was something spontaneous and necessary that was very much a part of me. As a teenager I used to have a book where I would collect quotes and write poetry. I would carry it with me everywhere so that I could always write should the urge hit me. It was by my bed as I slept, it was in my bag at the beach. In recent years I have written creatively less, not due to any conscious decision – I love writing – but it rarely grabs hold of me the way it did when I was younger. I am grateful to blogging for reigniting the writer in me. Recently I decided I would like to write more and I started by buying a beautiful notebook, a special place to journal and share my thoughts.  It is in this book that one morning before my yoga practice I felt moved to write this poem.

Surrendering to Yoga

Helen dropping back into a yoga backbendOh yoga sometimes you ask so much,

There is no place to hide.

Every part of me is invited, here I am,

I offer complete surrender.

Open, open, open body, mind, heart,

Expose all the hidden parts

Here, here, here, everything is bare.

In this moment, I open it all,

Here it is, all these treasures

The love ,the hurt , the vulnerability,

The anger, the pride, the invincibility

I clung to them but I need not.

They are not mine, they are not me.

Thank you yoga for asking for it all,

For not letting me hide, for allowing me to soar.


About Helen Aldred

Helen Aldred practices and teaches ashtanga yoga in Liverpool. She loves to share and discuss yoga, as well as health and wellbeing. Follow her on twitter and join Ashtanga yoga Liverpool's Facebook community .


  1. What a lovely lovely poem Helen! loved this post because it resonated with me so much. I also loved to write….poems, stories, anything…everything…..and somehow, and along with life…i moved on and didn’t write as much…..then a few years back I began again…..started a little blog following the birth of my son and the hormone ride that followed!! My love of writing reignited and I swore I’d continue….I did for a while but kept my blog almost anonymous (the private person in me!) then I faltered and didn’t keep it up due to , again, life and other stuff…..namely yoga and training and essays and whatnot…..! Recently I opened up my blog and re read it from the very first post to the very last back in January 2012…..I told my friend about it…much to her dismay, then annoyance as she couldn’t believe I’d done this ” amazing” blog and not told anybody!!! She also insisted I have a talent and to “get bloody writing again!” (Scuse the language!) . Since revisiting my posts and realising just how much I loved writing I have decided to do a new blog…which I’m currently working on now…not about anything in particular, just about life I think. I have also fell back in love with poetry and re found Rumi, and Osho! So…..again, loved your poem…..and I shall take heed and always surrender when doing my yoga. We need reminding to do this oftentimes…and your poem has just nudged me. So…and in the words of my friend…..” Get bloody writing” and bring us more of these lovely poems!

    Jules x

    Ps…..if you get a spare half hour and fancy a little easy going and warm hearted read (or chuckle!), my blog was http://www.womanonthevergeoftheperimeni.blogspot.co.uk – best read from the start ie..first ever post thereon

  2. Hi Jules,

    Thanks for commenting. I am glad you liked the poem and resonated with the post. I look forward to reading your blog, where is the new blog? Or is that a secret? Rumi is amazing …..

  3. That’s a lovely ode Helen. I’m surprised there isn’t more yoga poetry with the many creative people I know who practice who actually include a Poet !
    I met a performance poet called Theresa on a flight a couple of years ago, she did a brilliant yoga poem standing in the aisle of the 747 and got an ovation!

  4. Hi Kevin thanks glad you like it.

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